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Published on April 23, 2016 · 214 words · about 1 min reading time

Today is a saturday. It's a slow day. I barely got up, cooked & ate, binge-watched a ton of tv series. "Fear the Walking Dead" is off of my watchlist after the pilot already. To not waste this day completely, the plan was to finally launch a site where visitors can vote on their preferred tests. Tests as in software tests, so code to verify the correctness of a piece of a computer program. However, after diving deep into Ruby on Rails again, I saw this super epic tweet:

This got me thinking. Instead of getting hung up on building from scratch something that would be a blog for the most part, I should really focus on "shipping". That's why, for the n-th time, I stopped working on the site codenamed "writing-better-tests". Instead I set foot into the world of static site generators, fired up this thing called Hugo, and wrote these lines.

As for the future of this page, we will have to wait and see. I would love to continuosly add new content, mainly on the topic of software development. I do have a post or two in my mind already, so stay tuned ...

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