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My favorite continuous integration providers (May 2018)

Published on May 24, 2018 · 280 words · about 1 min reading time

Seeing the following tweet yesterday, which links to a great article comparing multiple CI/CD providers

made me realize that I did indeed go through most of them at some point in time. So very shortly, here are my two cents:


I agree with the article, it's great, I use it to do CI/CD for this very website. Nothing much to say. The build UI is not great on mobile though. Cannot do iOS/Android builds though?

Travis CI

Still use it, gets the job done. Nothing more to add. It's running the danger-todoist builds.


I found the configuration weird in the beginning, but you can get used to it. Major plus: Can do both my iOS and Android builds for PitBuddy App for private repositories.


I think Nevercode aquired Buddybuild at some point. I was using Buddybuild for iOS builds and when I started to get an Android build going it just was impossible to setup and massively unreliably. Can't say much about Nevercode, but I am happy I left Buddybuild for Bitrise.

Bitbucket Pipelines

Obviously I just recently started using it, so far so good. Can't do iOS/Android. Build speeds are great up until now.

Gitlab CI

Is this the solution to doing both web, iOS and Android in one tool? Hosting the code there as well? Seems tempting! I like Gitlab the SCM tool, and Gitlab CI has come a long way.

That's it, just a quick reminder on what I already tried and would like to try.

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