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Danger-todoist celebrates 200k downloads

Published on January 17, 2018 · 251 words · about 1 min reading time

Danger-todoist is a plugin for the excellent Danger ecosystem. More specifically for the ruby variant of Danger. What does Danger do? It is basically a kind of automated code / pull request review system. You create a pull request on github, and a bot account will recommend changes to the pull request. The changes it suggests are based on a freely configurable set of rules and suggestions, as codified per your Dangerfile. The beauty comes as always through the flexibility of just plain ruby code and a set of plugins.

One of those plugins is danger-todoist, which I first published in September 2016. A things that makes me cringe is leaving TODO: fix me comments all over our code, and of course then never fixing them. Makes one wonder if there really was something to do ... 🤓.

Danger-todoist helps you with this! It will duly notify you if you were to leave an unadressed todo comment in your changes. You can decide whether this is a show stopper (YES!) or if you want to leave it as a warning. Either way, this makes it much harder to let many of those pesky comments sneak into your codebase.

Since its first release more than a year ago, it has now amassed 200.000 downloads as shown on rubygems. This likely makes it my most successful peace of open-source software to date 🖖🏽, which I hereby celebrate.

Hack on, and keep that code clean, and check it out on github.

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