Jun 1, 2016
1 minute read

I really can’t stand much of the negativity some people exhibit in their daily lives. Just give it a second dude. Sometimes we really need to take a step back and appreciate what we take for granted. Without further ado, here’s list of problems you probably never needed to worry about:

  • Not having an absurd amount of food at your fingertips.
  • Getting medical attention should you need it.
  • Freezing to death in winter.
  • Having bombs dropped on your town.

And with those menaces out of the picture, you are likely free to enjoy all of this:

  • Sleeping with one leg out of the covers.
  • Doing something you like as a job.
  • Have meaningful free time to fill with hobbys, sport, socialising.
  • Fly anywhere in the world (within reason).

I just feel that this has to be called to mind from time to time. This is not the norm. You are rich.

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